Territory Served



If you are traveling from Fairfield County to any of the major airports in the Northeast, we provide a flat rate schedule. We would be pleased to mail you this information upon request.

Servicing Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, or Anywhere

Regency regularly serves all locations in the tri-state area including major and private airports such as La Guardia, Kennedy, Newark, Westchester, Bradley, Logan and Stewart. However, if your destination is elsewhere, a Regency limousine can take you. Worldwide Global reservations in over 600 cities.


In 1996, Regency had the distinction of completing the longest chauffeured trip ever recorded. It was 3,030 miles – from Redding, CT to San Francisco, CA. The passenger was a much-loved, family dog. We were proud of this journey, not only for the record miles, but for the trust our customers have in us!!!

In addition to the California trip, it is quite common to find Regency cars anywhere from Washington, D.C. to Boston, Mass. Indeed, we have traveled to Montreal and Chicago. Many of our clients have found it easier, safer and more convenient to be taken to those cities, and others, via car. They get time to work as a bonus. Regency cars are equipped with telephones. If there is time to relax, each vehicle is equipped with any amenity the traveler may desire. And the trips are always…

Door-to-Door and Guaranteed